The Cyprus Hydrocarbons Issue: Context, Positions and Future Scenarios

PRIO Report

Gürel, Ayla; Fiona Mullen & Harry Tzimitras (2013) The Cyprus Hydrocarbons Issue: Context, Positions and Future Scenarios. PRIO Report: 1. Nicosia: PRIO Cyprus Centre.

The discovery of hydrocarbons by Eastern Mediterranean countries that were previously thought to have no such natural resources is changing the geopolitics and economics of the region in ways that are still evolving. This study focuses on the case of Cyprus. It examines the relevant developments from the legal, political and economic angles, with the aim of producing a primer for those who are interested in the Cyprus hydrocarbons issue and wish to understand its many different aspects.

On the basis of the chapters that outline the positions of the parties and analyse the available export options, the authors conclude their analysis with a range of scenarios. Each scenario takes a different assumption for progress in resolving the Cyprus problem and analyses its the impact on how successfully the Republic of Cyprus can exploit natural gas.

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