Ethnic Minorities in Serbia

Book chapter

Ramet, Sabrina P. & Ola Listhaug (2009) Ethnic Minorities in Serbia, in Serbia Matters: Domestic Reforms and European Integration. Baden-baden (157–164).

Publisher's website

Serbia Matters presents policy essays on Serbia’s post-Milošević era written by internationally recognised authors, policymakers,academics and political analysts actively engaged in the Balkansdiscourse.Since 2000 Serbia has moved from a decade of warsand delayed transition towards European integration. The bookassesses the country’s present state of affairs, recent achievements and future challenges. It also offers pertinent analyses and compelling arguments as to why Serbia’s accession to the European Union matters as much for Belgrade as it does for the whole Western Balkans.This book is written with the aim to persuade both Serbia’s leadersand citizens and those Member States of the European Union whoare hit by ‘enlargement fatigue’ that the country ought to have itsrightful place in the EU and that there is no alternative to thereform process.

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