Voyages of Women in Manipur: Towards a peaceful society

PRIO Paper

Meitei, Leitanthem Umakanta (2016) Voyages of Women in Manipur: Towards a peaceful society. PRIO Paper. Oslo: PRIO.

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Inhabiting the southern side of the Himalayan range, there are a number of erstwhile sovereign nations with great cultural and lingusitic diversity that have been brought into the fold of the Indian empire. Manipur is a classic example. In 1949, the king of Manipur signed an in-famous agreement with the Government of India, known as the Merger Agreement. In the aftermath, the introduction of Indian norms and institutions has created social disruptions and challenged conventional values and customs, giving rise to increasing confusion and hostilities in Manipuri society.

In a conflict-torn society like Manipur, a central part of the peacebuilding process is the cessation of violence. To build a peaceful society, the state will also need to provide a platform and secure space for dialogue, and create a sustainable peace process that addresses collective traumas, fears and humiliation.

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