Update on Hiring Process for Senior Researcher Position at PRIO

On this page the committee assessing the applications for the advertised position as Senior Researcher will provide information about the hiring process. We do this in order for the correct information to be available to all applicants, and others, at the same time and thus to avoid misunderstandings about the process.

By the deadline 85 applications had come in. The hiring committee will be chaired by Deputy Director Torkel Brekke. The other members are Maria Gabrielsen Jumbert, Ragnhild Nordås, Marta Bivand Erdal and Greg Reichberg. All departments are thus represented in the committee and so is the local union (Forskerforbundet).

The committee had its first meeting on 5th September to discuss the procedures for assessing the applications. The next meeting will be held on 29th September. Before that date the committee will read all applications carefully and categorize them according to the merits of the applicants. The main criteria will be research excellence and prospects for research funding. Secured external funding will not be a prerequisite, but clear promise of future funding is an absolute requirement.

On the 10th, the 14th and the 15th November there will be interviews and job talks with candidates. We aim to finish our work by early December. We will then give our recommendations to the Director of PRIO and the recommendations for hiring will be on the agenda for the board meeting 16th December.

Please see the original advertisement below for more information about the job criteria. Questions may be sent to the chairman of the hiring committee at torkel@prio.org.

Senior Researchers (Original Advertisement)

Please note: The deadline for applying to this position has passed.

PRIO invites applications from competent, established researchers to form part of the institute’s international team of excellent researchers. The successful candidates demonstrate experience with cutting-edge research within PRIO’s relevant fields, project development and research communication.

As a Senior Researcher at PRIO you are first and foremost an active, productive, entrepreneurial and open-minded academic. You develop and lead projects, and you communicate and engage with the academic community and beyond. You take an active part in institutional life at PRIO, and you provide input, advice and supervision to your colleagues. Ultimately, you identify with PRIO’s vision to produce knowledge in the service of a more peaceful world.

Academic qualifications

  • A doctoral degree in a relevant field
  • A scientific publication record
  • Solid research competence and methods skills
  • Strong writing skills

Additional competence requirements

In addition to meeting the academic qualification criteria, candidates possess the below listed competence and skills, of which the first two are absolutely essential requirements. In the cover letter you may argue why limited competence in one or more areas is compensated for by a stronger record in other areas.

  • Expertise in one or more areas within the scope of PRIO’s research. PRIO’s current thematic foci are reflected in its research groups. Candidates should identify group(s) that they foresee working within and how their expertise can contribute to the group’s development. The scope of PRIO’s research is reflected in the Strategy. Expertise in areas not captured by the research groups, but deemed to fit with PRIO’s wider mission and strategy is also relevant.
  • Project development. Research at PRIO is funded by external projects. All researchers are involved in project development—that is, communicating with potential funders and partners, writing proposals, and securing financing for new projects. Candidates should give a detailed account of their experience and track record with fundraising. Prospects for future research funding are a fundamental criterion in this recruitment process.
  • Versatility in research engagements. In a research environment like PRIO, it is considered an asset to have ability and interest in a variety of themes and geographical areas, and openness to and knowledge of methodological approaches. Such ability allows for creating exciting and innovative research , responding to diverse funding opportunities and knowledge needs that may arise.
  • Project leadership. All research projects require sound management of time and resources for reaching their goals. Large projects entail additional managerial demands. Candidates should account for their experience with the administrative, managerial and leadership aspects of academic research.
  • Research collaboration. Most research at PRIO involves collaboration, internally or with external partners, often across disciplinary divides. Candidates must account for their relevant collaborative experiences.
  • Engagement with policy and practice. All research at PRIO has an academic core, but many projects also engage extensively with user groups, decision-makers and practitioners. This engagement involves communicating research findings but may also take form of more direct collaboration. Candidates should account for relevant skills and experiences.
  • Popular dissemination of research. The impact of PRIO’s research comes partly through popular dissemination and engagement in public debates of relevance to our research. Candidates should account for their experience in working with the media, social media or other channels for research communication.
  • Curricular development, teaching and supervision of students. PRIO engages selectively in education activities, primarily at the PhD level. Supervision of junior colleagues also takes place within research projects. Candidates should account for relevant experiences with teaching and supervision.  

Ideas for future research

Candidates are encouraged to outline idea(s) for future development of their own research if they were to be employed at PRIO, including thoughts of specific funding opportunities or research partners.

PRIO Offers

PRIO offers the opportunity for the successful candidates to become part of a world renowned research institute and to work alongside highly qualified and motivated staff who are international experts within their respective fields. PRIO is located in attractive premises in central Oslo. Remuneration is commensurate with the applicant’s competence and experience. Employees at PRIO are offered membership in the Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund.

PRIO is an equal opportunity employer and values staff diversity.

How to apply

Applications for the position of Senior Researcher are to be submitted by way of an online form,

Before you start filling in the form, make sure you have the following necessary information and documents ready:

Information provided directly in the online form:

  • Contact details: name, email, address, phone number
  • Personal information: current position, citizenship, gender, date-of-birth
  • PhD details
  • List of academic publications for evaluation (max. 3)
  • Area of expertise: indicate which of PRIO´s research groups your area of expertise is most relevant to (max. 3)
  • References: name and contact details of a minimum of two referees

Attachments – to be uploaded to the online form as PDFs:

  1. Application letter should include an account of your qualifications, academic merits and other requirements for the position, cf. above list
  2. CV in English, and including a list of publications
  3. Certifications of university degrees
  4. The academic publications you wish to submit for academic evaluation (max three)
  5. Ideas for future research to be outlined in no more than two pages

For more information please contact PRIO’s Deputy Director Torkel Brekke, e-mail torkel@prio.org, mobile phone: +47 98 82 98 09.

Deadline for applications is 22 August 2016.