Sverre Lodgaard

PRIO Director 1987-1992

Sverre Lodgaard left PRIO in 1992. The information on this page is kept for historical reasons.


Working experience at PRIO:

1967-1970: Student stipend at PRIO
1974: Research Director at PRIO
1977-80: PRIO researcher. On leave from PRIO since sept 1980

1987-1992: PRIO Director


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All Publications

Peer-reviewed Journal Article

Lodgaard, Sverre (1996) The Crisis of Multilateralism , Security Dialogue 27(3): .
Lodgaard, Sverre (1992) Europe: The CSCE, NATO and the European Union , Security Dialogue 23(3): 57–68.
Lodgaard, Sverre; & Berg, Per (1983) Disengagement Zones: A Step Towards Meaningful Defence? , Journal of Peace Research 20(1): 5–16.
Lodgaard, Sverre (1980) Arms Race in Europe , Journal of Peace Research 17(1): 1–8.
Lodgaard, Sverre; & Hveem, Helge (1978) Editorial , Journal of Peace Research 15(1): 1–2.
Lodgaard, Sverre (1977) The Functions of SALT , Journal of Peace Research 14(1): 1–22.
Lodgaard, Sverre (1974) On the Relationship Between East-West Economic Cooperation and Political Change in Eastern Europe , Journal of Peace Research 11(4): 325–340.
Lodgaard, Sverre (1973) Industrial Cooperation, Consumption Patterns, and Division of Labor in the East-West Setting , Journal of Peace Research 10(4): 387–399.

Book Chapter

Lodgaard, Sverre(1992) Environment, Confidence-Building and Security The Environment and International Security. : (19–30).
Lodgaard, Sverre(1992) Environmental Security, World Order, and Environmental Conflict Resolution Conversion and the Environment. PRIO Report No. 2. : .
Lodgaard, Sverre(1992) Redefining Norden Nordic Security In the 90S: Options In the Changing Europe. : .