Cyprus and East Mediterranean Hydrocarbons

Led by Ayla Gürel
Jan 2011 -

​​This project continues to develop as one of the leading initiatives of the Centre. The PCC was among the first research institutions on the island to undertake a serious study of the new subject of hydrocarbons offshore Cyprus and its implications for the Cyprus problem, shortly after the discovery of natural gas resources in the sea areas around the island. As of last year, the project's scope has been expanded to include study of hydrocarbons-related economic and political developments in the wider Eastern Mediterranean context. The PCC, having established itself as an objective research organization and having claimed a space central to the debate since the very beginning, is continuing its engagement and involvement with a view to conducting cutting-edge research and publishing accurate analyses.​



Peer-reviewed Journal Article

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Non-refereed Journal Article

Gürel, Ayla & Harry-Zachary Tzimitras (2016) Cyprus Settlement Negotiations: From Euphoria to Reality, Turkish Policy Quarterly 15(1): 51–63.

PRIO Report

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Report - Other

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