Civic Mobilization and Societal Transformation in Somaliland and Puntland

Led by Ebba Tellander
Jul 2017 - Jul 2020

The aim of this research project is to conduct a bottom up investigation of collective mobilization at transformative moments in Somaliland's and Puntland's recent history (1980 – present). It has a specific focus towards the everyday acts of common people when they challenge injustices and exclusion during and after war. 

The project applies a holistic analysis of societal change that incorporates the deeper historical processes and its actors. The project is especially interested in unpacking the role of individuals, who constitute the everyday action of civic mobilization that cuts across societal sectors.

Supervisors: Research Professor Cindy Horst (PRIO) and Associate Professor Kees Biekart (International Institute of Social Studies, the Hauge). 

This is a PhD project that is part of the research project TRANSFORM. It is funded by the Norwegian Research Council. 


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