Lessons Learned from Military Capacity Building by Norway’s Allies in the Sahel Region, and by Norwegian Personnel

Led by Øystein H. Rolandsen
Feb 2019 - Dec 2019
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This project aims to provide the Ministry of Defence and other potential users with knowledge concerning military capacity building that will enable improvements in Norwegian mission planning, training, and doctrine – especially with regards to future engagements in the Sahel region. Divided into two themes, the project’s first theme focuses upon lessons learned by Western countries that have provided capacity building to states in the Sahel region. The second theme deals with lessons learned by Norwegian personnel who have been involved in the provision of capacity building in a variety of regions (e.g. Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Georgia).
  • Capacity building has become an important component of Norwegian security and defence policy, particularly concerning Norway’s engagement in conflict-prone states such as Afghanistan or Georgia, and as a way for Norway to demonstrate that it is a reliable and capable ally. 
  • The proposed research will help to build knowledge and competency in the Norwegian security and defence research establishment regarding state and non-state actors by generating knowledge about the armed forces that are providers and recipients of capacity building in the Sahel region. 
  • The research will be disseminated via public seminars and blogposts or op-ed articles, and will thus help to inform the public debate in Norway. 
  • A key aim of the proposed research is to aid the development of concepts and doctrine in the Norwegian Armed Forces concerning capacity building.