Marie Sandnes left PRIO in 2023. The information on this page is kept for historical reasons.

Marie Sandnes

Marie Sandnes

Interests and experience

Doctoral research: military cooperation between the G5 Sahel joint force and external military actors in the Sahel.

  • Military cooperation and security force assistance
  • Organised violence and non-state actors
  • Counterinsurgency and counterterrorism
  • Regional cooperation and peacekeeping


2018: One-year diploma, 'PGCE / PPU', University College of Østfold, NO2016: MSc 'Conflict Studies', London School of Economics and Political Science, UK2015: BSc (hons) 'Politics and International Relations', University of Bath, UK2012: One-year diploma 'Culture Studies' in Ghana and India, OsloMet, NO


Norwegian: nativeEnglish: fluentFrench: basic

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