PRIO's overall research covers a wide range of research topics. While this research is financed on a project basis, it is also organised into research groups and centres, and people also belong to one of our three research departments or our Cyprus Centre. Each research unit is cross-disciplinary. Together they fulfil PRIO's basic aim of studying the causes and consequences of peace and conflict.


PRIO research, and our research output, cover a wide range of topics. These topics may relate to one or more of our research disciplines, be driven by current events, or be relevant to other activites at the institute.


Research at PRIO is financed on a project basis by a range of scientific and policy-oriented funders. Projects last from a few months to several years, and involve different partners from the research, non-profit and business sectors.

Research Groups

PRIO’s long term research is organized in research groups that focus on core themes linked to the understanding of peace and conflict. These groups are the academic home of each researcher at PRIO and they all meet on a regular basis.

PRIO Cyprus Centre
PRIO Centre on Gender, Peace and Security
PRIO Middle East Centre
PRIO Centre on Culture and Violent Conflict
PRIO Migration Centre
Norwegian Centre for Humanitarian Studies

PRIO Network

PRIO runs a number of centres, organized around specific areas of research.

You can follow the activities at these centres at their individual websites.

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