The GEO-SVAC dataset extends the UCDP GED geocoded conflict event dataset with information about the actors' reported use of sexual violence.

The GEO-SVAC dataset extends the UCDP GED geocoded conflict event dataset with information about the actors' reported use of sexual violence. The information about sexual violence is based on the Sexual Violence in Armed Conflict Dataset (SVAC) (Cohen and Nordås 2014), covering the years 1989-2009. GEO-SVAC, focusing on state-based conflicts, uses the UCDP GED geocoded event dataset (Sundberg and Melander 2013; Croicu and Sundberg 2015) as its starting point, and extends it by providing additional variables on the use of sexual violence by the actors involved from the SVAC dataset. GEO-SVAC does not provide information about whether each individual event involved the use of sexual violence. However, GEO-SVAC can be used to geographically visualize or analyze the landscape of violent events perpetrated by governments and groups that are reported to be using sexual violence in state-based conflicts in the year of the particular event.

Technical Details

Current version: 1

Updated: 13 Oct 2016

Range: 1989 - 2009

Units: Event, Date, Location

Coverage: Global

Formats: Excel, CSV, Stata

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