The aim of this workshop is to discuss and share information about the efforts of women in post-conflict Nepal to promote peace and women’s empowerment, whether as activists, members of social movements, politicians, writers, or in any other capacity. The objective is to gain a better understanding of the efforts and challenges, and the meaning of ‘empowerment’, as seen by women themselves. Questions to explore

  • Is participation in militaries (state or non-state) empowering for women?
  • Has the conflict resolution empowered or disempowered women in Nepal?
  • What are the particular difficulties in the transition of female ex-combatants into politics, activism, governance, or the security forces?
  • Is the role of women in party politics really to work for women’s issues and gender equality?
  • Does the assertion of women’s rights and gender equality by international organizations contribute to women’s empowerment, or can it be counterproductive?
  • Can women’s participation in peacebuilding bring in a ‘transformative agenda’ and expand the post-conflict space for rights and justice?
  • How can peace be empowering for women?