The Research School on Peace and Conflict is arranging a three day PhD course on the ethics of emerging military technologies, 13-15 November 2013. The deadline for applications is 13 October 2013.
New military technologies have traditionally been met with some skepticism from ethicists and lawyers. At the same time, new technology is often a driver of moral, legal and social change. This course explores the legal and ethical questions that arise with respect to emerging military technologies, and asks how these change the nature of war and the roles of combatants and civilians.

The course is coordinated by Gregory M. Reichsberg and lectures will be given by Nic Marsh, Greg Reichberg, Kristin B. Sandvik, Henrik Syse (PRIO); Heather Harrison Dinniss (Swedish National Defense College) and Simon O’Conner (Norwegian Red Cross).

For more information about the course and on how to apply, see the course website.

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