This event will gather representatives of Basque civil society. It is organized by PRIO together with the International Catalan Institute for Peace (ICIP) and the Department of Political Science, University of the Basque Country (Universidad del Pais Vasco, UPV; Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea, EHU). The event is open for all and no registration is necessary.

Bizkaia Aretoa Building

The following organizations will be represented:

  • Lokarri (citizen network for agreement and consultation)
  • Stee/Eilas (teachers union)
  • **Gure esku (**grassroots organization for the right to decide)
  • Ekologistan Martxan (association of social ecologists)
  • Bilgune (feminist organization)
  • Asociación Bertsolaris (cultural association)
  • Grupo “Astra” (cultural organization from the town of Gernika)
  • **Ner Group (**network of businesses committed to a just and sustained human development)

This public event is part of a three-day academic workshop on Basque Nationhood in a Globalizing World, organized by the PRIO project Imagined Sovereignties: Frontiers of Statehood and Globalization, which explores the changing conditions and spaces for exercising and demanding sovereignty in the contemporary world, and how sovereignty is imagined under these conditions.