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Marco Suarez
Marco Suarez

Keynote speaker: Madhav Joshi, Associate Director Peace Accords Matrix, Kroc Institute, University of Notre Dame

Peace accords are crucial step in societies moving from conflict to peace. However, we still know far too little about when peace accords build stable peace and how an accord can be implemented in a way that maximizes the chances of success. Norway in its capacity as a peace nation has been deeply involved in crafting peace accords in many countries, making this topic particularly interesting in the Norwegian context.

Madhav Joshi, a leading scholar on peace accords, will draw on his work with the Peace Accords Matrix, the most comprehensive attempt to collect data on the implementation of peace accords worldwide, to shed light on this topic. Madhav will particularly focus on the implementation of the peace accord in Colombia, discussing how far along we are and what the major stumbling blocks (and opportunities) are going forward.

Following Madhav’s presentation a panel of practitioners and academics will discuss these issues.

Dag Nylander, head of Peace and Reconciliation section, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Mabel González from NOREF

Helga Binngsbø and Håvard Nygård from PRIO

A light lunch (vegetarian) will be served starting at 11.15