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Klaus Berdin Jensen / CC BY / Flickr
Klaus Berdin Jensen / CC BY / Flickr

Precarious legal status, including insecure citizenship status resulting from citizenship revocation practices, affect individuals’ sense of belonging. By contrast, state’s naturalization policies put great emphasis on the impact which inclusion in a formal sense, with citizenship, is expected to have on individuals’ commitment to and belonging in the national community. Meanwhile formal and informal membership, as reflected among other in citizenship status and sense of belonging, are not linked to political participation in linear and clear-cut ways.

During this seminar, as part of the PRIO-led Governing and Experiencing Citizenship in Multicultural Scandinavia project, we share insights from our research which illustrate the ways in which citizenship, belonging and political participation affect each other in the everyday experiences of refugees and other migrants in today’s European cities.

08.35 Welcome and Introduction (Marta Bivand Erdal)

08.45 Belonging, political participation and (lack) of citizenship (Davide Bertelli)

09.00 Tapping into 'the new we' (Cindy Horst)

09.15 The citizenship-belonging nexus (Marta Bivand Erdal)

09.30 Questions & discussion

10.00 End of seminar