Photo: Krishak Jaget

​Record high global food prices in 2022 have been experienced by everyone. While for some they are an inconvenience, in many countries households cannot afford to buy basic necessities.

  • This seminar will be held in Norwegian!
  • Dette seminaret avholdes på norsk!

The countries most affected are those that depend upon food aid due to war or famine, or those places whose populations depend upon food imports but cannot afford to pay global prices. Across the world there have been protests against increasing prices, and some have escalated. The global supply of wheat and sunflower oil in particular has been affected by Russia preventing food being exported from Ukraine, but the food crisis also has wider causes. 

PRIO will hold a public seminar to launch new research and discuss the implications of global food insecurity in the aftermath of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. 

PRIO Director Henrik Urdal will introduce the speakers:

  • PRIO Senior Researchers Ida Rudolfsen and Nicholas Marsh 
  • NUPI Senior Research Fellow Roman Vakulchuk
  • Minister of International Development Anne Beathe Tvinnereim
  • Senior advisor Ingvild Langhus, Norad’s section for Food

Please arrive early as the seminar will start promptly.