Consequences of the Invasion of Ukraine for the Global South

Led by Nicholas Marsh

Apr 2022 – Dec 2022

​The Russian invasion of Ukraine has a number of serious direct and indirect consequences for the populations of the Global South. The conflict has indirectly contributed to soaring prices for food, energy and fertilizer, all of which may have second-order effects on social cohesion and poverty in countries located far from the battlefields. Wider effects could also include shifts in overseas aid priorities and a more general global geopolitical realignment involving opponents and friends of Russia.

​The project is designed to produce rapid short policy-relevant outputs on the consequences for the Global South of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. At the outset the project will examine: food security; energy security; migration; changing priorities for donors of overseas development aid; global geopolitical realignment; and the effects of these variables on social unrest and conflict. The project is supported financially by Norad and the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Project outputs have been conceived and executed in a close dialogue with these partners.

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