Ukrainians. Illustration: Red Diamond
Ukrainians. Illustration: Red Diamond

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As two years are passing since the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, and the resulting displacement of many people from Ukraine, we would like to warmly invite Ukrainian refugees in the Oslo-area, as well as anyone interested, to join us for an evening with Ukrainian food and music by Vasyl Bendas, stories of lived experience in Norway, put in broader context with brief research-based presentations. The event will encourage interaction and participation.

The event is organized by the PRIO-led research project Geographies of conflict-induced migration (CONMIG).


  • Tetiana Yemelianova (storyteller), Organizer of the integration project for Ukrainian teenagers "Klubb Fotokontakt"
  • Svitlana Bulkina (storyteller), Master student in Multilingualism, University of Oslo
  • Vasyl Bendas (musician and storyteller)
  • Liv Osland, Professor at HVL – Western Norway University of Applied Sciences. Part of the INFLUX Project.
  • Karolis Zibas, Integration Officer at the UN Refugee Agency

Organized by the CONMIG team: Svitlana Bulkina, Marianne Friisberg Larssen, Marta Bivand Erdal, Cathrine Talleraas and Andreas Forø Tollefsen in collaboration with the INFLUX project.


16.30  Doors open

16:50 Welcome and intro from CONMIG team

Ukrainian music

17.10  Karolis Zibas' (UNHCR) presentation on the situation overall for Ukraine’s people – displacement internally, people staying, and those who have left the country since February 2022

Storytelling from 1-2 Ukrainians in Norway

17.50  Break with Ukrainian food

Ukrainian music

18.20 Liv Osland's presentation on Economic integration of Ukraine war-refugees in Estonia and results regarding previous refugees’ outmigration from Norway.

Storytelling from 1-2 Ukrainians in Norway

19.00  Q & A with “open mic”.

19.30  Thank you and good bye

*The event is organized as part of the [PRIO Migration Centre’s]( activities.*