Our special issues and guest editors

Security Dialogue values its guest editors and the special issues they have edited. Below is a selection of guest edited special issues from 2004 to present day:

October 2020:  Quantizing international relations

Edited by James DerDerian and Alexander Wendt

April-June 2020: Becoming War

Edited by Antoine Bousquet, Jairus Grove and Nisha Shah

February 2019: Special issue on Doing and mediating critique

Edited by Rocco Bellanova, Jonathan Luke Austin and Mareille Kaufmann

February 2018: Special issue on Militarism and security: Dialogue, possibilities and limits Edited by Maria Stern and Anna Stavrianakis

February 2017: Special issue on Securing with algorithms

Edited by Louise Amoore and Rita Raley

October 2016: Special section on Ulrich Beck - The paths not (yet) taken Facilitated by Sabine Selchow

August 2015: Special issue on Questioning security devices: Performativity, resistance, politics

Edited by Anthony Amicelle, Claudia Aradau and Julien Jeandeboz

February 2015: Special issue on Resilience and insecurity: Practices, subjects, temporalities

Edited by Myriam Dunn Cavelty, Mareile Kaufmann and, Kristian Søby Kristiansen

October 2014: Special issue on Preemption, practice, politics

Edited by Marieke de Goede, Stephanie Simon and, Marijn Hoijtink

June 2014: Special  issue on Border security as practice

Edited by Karine Côté-Boucher, Federica Infantino and, Mark B. Salter

October-December 2013: Special issue on The new Middle East: A critical appraisal

Edited by J. Peter Burgess and Costas M. Constantinou

October 2012: Special issue on Governing insecurity in the post-colonial world

Edited by Jana Hönke and Markus-Michael Müller

October 2011: Special issue on The politics of securitization

Edited by Ulik Pram Gad and Karen Lund Pettersen

April 2011: Special issue on The global governance of security and finance

Edited by Nina Boy, J.Peter Burgess and, Anna Leander

February 2010: Special issue on The security-development nexus revisitd

Edited by Maria Stern and Joakim Öjendal

August-October 2009: Special issue on Urban insecurities

Edited by Rita Abrahamsen, Don Hubert, and Michael C. Williams

April 2008: Special issue on Security, technologies of risk, and the political

Edited by Claudia Aradau, Luis Lobo-Guerrero, and Rens van Munster

June 2007: Special issue on Securitization, militarization and visual culture in the worlds of post-9/11

Edited by David Campbell, and Michael J. Shapiro

March 2006: Special issue on Theorizing the liberty-security relation

Edited by R. B. J. Walker

December 2005: Special section on Post-conflict responsibility

Edited by Oliver Jütersonke and Rolf Schwarz

December 2004: Special issue on Gender and security

Edited by Lene Hansen and Louise Olsson (See also the 2014 virtual collection on gender and gender and security, stock-taking developments in the field since the 2004 issue. Available on our publishers website, link below)

September 2004: Special section on What is "human security"?

Edited by J. Peter Burgess and Taylor Owen To find out more about special issues and sections, please see the Special Issues & Special Sections page at SDI.SagePub.com.

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