A new edited volume on civil war and fragile states has just been published by Edward Elgar. The book contains no less than four PRIO articles:

  • Håvard Hegre & Helge Holtermann: Poverty and conflict
  • Ole Magnus Theisen, Nils Petter Gleditsch & Halvard Buhaug: Climate change and armed conflict
  • Henrik Urdal: Demography and armed conflict
  • Nils Metternich, Kristian Skrede Gleditsch, Han Dorussen & Andrea Ruggeri: International dimensions of armed conflict

The volume contains contributions from a multidisciplinary group of scholars on issues such as the causes of violent conflicts and state fragility, the challenges of conflict resolution and mediation, and the obstacles to post-conflict reconstruction and durable peace-building.
A complete Table of Contents is found below.

Elgar Handbook of Civil War and Fragile States, edited by Graham K Brown & Arnim Langer. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar, 2012, ISBN:978 1 84844 842 1, 596 p.



  1. Conflict, Post-Conflict, and State Fragility: Conceptual and Methodological Issues
    Arnim Langer and Graham K. Brown

  2. Ethnicity
    Robert H. Bates

  3. Human Security
    Sakiko Fukuda-Parr and Carol Messineo

  4. Poverty and Conflict
    Håvard Hegre and Helge Holtermann

  5. Conflict and the Social Contract
    Syed Mansoob Murshed

  6. Economic Dimensions of Civil War
    Heiko Nitzschke and David M. Malone

  7. Horizontal Inequalities and Conflict
    Frances Stewart

  8. Conflict, Natural Resources and Development
    Mohammad Zulfan Tadjoeddin

  9. Climate Change and Armed Conflict
    Ole Magnus Theisen, Nils Petter Gleditsch and Halvard Buhaug

  10. Demography and Armed Conflict
    Henrik Urdal

  11. Rethinking Durable Solutions for Refugees
    Katy Long

  12. Rebel Recruitment
    Yvan Guichaoua

  13. Violent Conflict and Human Capital Accumulation
    Patricia Justino

  14. Education and Violent Conflict
    Birgitte Refslund Sørensen

  15. International Dimensions of Internal Conflict
    Nils W. Metternich, Kristian Skrede Gleditsch, Han Dorussen and Andrea Ruggeri

  16. Theories of Ethnic Mobilization: Overview and Recent Trends
    Peter Vermeersch

  17. Transitions from War to Peace
    Caroline A. Hartzell

  18. Fragile States and Civil Wars: Is Mediation the Answer?
    Carmela Lutmar and Jacob Bercovitch

  19. Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration
    Robert Muggah

  20. Obstacles to Peace Settlements
    Roy Licklider

  21. Pitfalls and Prospects in the Peacekeeping Literature
    Virginia Page Fortna and Lise Morjé Howard

  22. Transitional Justice in Post-Conflict Societies
    Phil Clark

  23. Collective Conflict Management
    Chester A. Crocker, Fen Osler Hampson and Pamela Aall

  24. The Political Economy of Fragile States
    Tony Addison

  25. Conflict Resolution versus Democratic Governance: Can Elections Bridge the Divide?
    Pauline H. Baker

  26. Federations and Managing Nations
    John McGarry and Brendan O’Leary

  27. Post-Conflict Recovery
    John Ohiorhenuan

  28. Gendering Violent Conflicts
    Birgitte Refslund Sørensen

  29. Complex Power Sharing
    Stefan Wolff