Senior researcher Marta Bivand Erdal and Ceri Oeppen have co-edited a special issue of Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, Interactions between Integration and Transnationalism. The special issue is the result of a panel organised by Erdal and Oeppen at the Royal Geographic Society/Institute of British Geographers annual conference in 2010.

Erdal is a senior researcher at PRIO working on migration and transnationalism. Oeppen was a visiting researcher at PRIO in 2012. She is currently working at the University of Sussex, and is a part of the PRIO-led PREMIG project.The issue also includes an article written by Jørgen Carling (research director at PRIO) and Kristian Hoelscher (PRIO researcher), titled 'The Capacity and Desire to Remit: Comparing Local and Transnational Influences'.