Julie Lunde Lillesæter/PRIO
Julie Lunde Lillesæter/PRIO

Helge Holtermann successfully defended his thesis at the University of Oslo on Friday 7 June. His work is titled: Economic Development, Rebel Mobilization, and Civil War Onset.

He has been a student with the Department of Political Science at the University of Oslo, and PRIO's Centre for the Study of Civil War (CSCW).

  • Kristine Eck, Department of Peace and Conflict Research, University of Uppsala
  • Dr. Indra de Soysa, Warden of St. Thomas College, MT. Lavinia, Sri Lanka
  • Jon Hovi, Department of Political Science, University of Oslo

His supervisors are both at PRIO:

Håvard Hegre
Halvard Buhaug