This workshop focuses on the implications of migration-related diversity for lived experiences of the everyday nation, and whether and in which ways negotiations of national identity take place in diverse contexts. Call for abstracts - deadline 20 January 2016.

We draw inspiration from studies of nationalism which have dismantled a focus on 'when' and 'what' and instead turned to 'how' and 'where', notably including Anderson's 'imagined communities' (1983) and Billig's 'banal nationalism' (1995). Subsequent research has specifically focused on 'everyday nationhood' (Fox and Miller-Idriss 2008) and 'everyday ethnicity' (Brubaker 2006), including connections between the everyday and banal nationalism (Antonsich 2015), a foregrounding of alternative temporalities of national identity (Edensor 2006), and attention to embodied and material dimensions of reproducing the nation (Halderup et al 2006).

We invite contributions that are based on empirical research, either with a specific case or synthesizing across cases. We encourage contributions with a focus on countries or localities of immigration and diversity, but also of emigration, drawing on cases worldwide that are characterized by ethnic and religious diversity. We welcome contributions based on qualitative and quantitative approaches, as well as comparative studies. Contributions which engage critically with the intersecting concepts of national identity, nationalism, banal nationalism, and everyday nationhood are encouraged.

Marco Antonsich (Loughborough University) and Kirsten Simonsen (Roskilde University) will give key note presentations as part of the workshop.

Expected contribution: In order to facilitate targeted contributions that address the core theme of the workshop, we ask participants to prepare papers of 5 000 – 8 000 words. The written contributions will be circulated to participants in advance, but will not be posted online. A post-workshop publication with a selection of papers is a possible outcome.

Format and costs: The workshop will have a limited number of participants and will not be open to the public (15-20 participants in total). Selected participants must cover their own travel expenses. The organizers will cover accommodation (2 nights) and meals for the duration of the workshop. There is no participation fee.

Context and host: The workshop is organized in conjunction with the research project 'Negotiating the nation: Implications of ethnic and religious diversity for national identity', which is funded by the Research Council of Norway and carried out in collaboration with the University of Oslo, the University of Sussex and Université de Poitiers. Conveners are Marta Bivand Erdal (PRIO) and Mette Strømsø (PRIO).


Deadline CFP 20 January 2016

Notification of selection 1 February 2016

Deadline for papers 15 May 2016

Arrival in Oslo 8 June 2016

Workshop dates **** 9-10 June 2016

Departure 1 0 June 2016 after 18.00

Please submit abstracts via the online form by 20 January 2016.

Abstracts should be 200-250 words long. You will also be asked to fill in your name, discipline, institutional affiliation, position and gender.