Proposed changes in Norway's immigration could have adverse effects on integration, discriminate against persons with disabilities, and undermine democratic control.

In response to an increase in the number of asylum seekers in 2015, the Ministry of Justice has proposed restrictive measures, partly inspired by other European countries. Public consultation processes are part of the Norwegian political system, and migration researchers at PRIO have submitted comments based on their expertise in the field. The full text is available in Norwegian only. It is presented under the following headings:

  • Discord between the stated objectives and the policy measures
  • Insufficient consideration of effects that undermine integration
  • Lack of substantiation of the assumption that delayed family reunification facilitates integration
  • Increased risk to women and children
  • Unforeseen consequences of evaluation of a family's "overall attachment" in family reunification cases
  • Discirmination of persons with disabilities
  • Vulnerability to subjective application of exceptions

The full document can be found here.