Inger Skjelsbæk, Deputy Director at PRIO 2009-2015. Photo: Jørgen Carling / PRIO

Inger Skjelsbæk, Research Professor at PRIO, has been appointed Visiting Fellow at the Centre for Women, Peace and Security at the London School of Economics. She will be affiliated with the centre in the period 2017-2019 and will attend workshops, meetings and contribute with guest lectures. Skjelsbæk leads the project ‘Equal Peace? Women’s Empowerment and Multicultural Challenges in War-to-Peace Transitions’ at the PRIO Centre on Gender, Peace and Security.

“I am very pleased and honoured to have been accepted as a Visiting Fellow,” says Skjelsbæk. “This is a great way to establish closer collaboration between the PRIO Centre on Gender, Peace and Security and the LSE centre.”