The Research Council of Norway announced this morning that PRIO will receive TOPPFORSK funding for the project: "Securing the victory? Understanding dynamics of short-run and long-term success in popular uprisings and democratization".

The 5-year project, led by Kristian Skrede Gleditsch, examines how dissident tactics can help promote transitions to democracy and democratic consolidation. Securing the Victory will develop a comprehensive theoretical and empirical framework to study the causal links between tactical choices and long-term prospects for democracy. The project will focus on the different stages of non-violent pro-democracy campaigns; the initial phase, the time immediately after the dictator is removed, and the long-term phase. In each phase, we will pose the question: What kind of tactical choices promote success, and how does this apply to the different stages of a pro-democracy movement?

The project will collaborate closely with the Center for Applied Nonviolent Action and Strategies to inform our research and facilitate policy dialogue. This is the third FRIPRO award granted PRIO in this round.