The journalist Joshua Goodman of the Associated Press yesterday released the article “Global COVID deaths hit 4 million amid rush to vaccinate». He refers to the PRIO battledeaths data and the Uppsala Conflict Data Program to illustrate the deadliness of the virus.

This news story has since it’s publication been shared by more than 1,300 news outlets worldwide, and the number keeps growing by the hour. One example is this piece from the Huffington Post.

“It is fascinating how our data, so meticulously gathered over decades, can be of use for news jounalists, and spread so fast to all corners of the world,” says Siri Aas Rustad, head of the PRIO Conflict Trends project.

“We have always been proud of our conflict datasets”, says PRIO Director Henrik Urdal. “We know they have been immensely important for peace and conflict research all over the world. This is a great example of how they may also inform other important debates”.

Read more about PRIO Conflict Trends data by following this link.