PRIO and NCHS researchers Eric Cezne, Maria G. Jumbertand Kristin B. Sandvik have recently co-authored the article entitled Drones como Veículos para a Ação Humanitária: Perspectivas, Oportunidades e Desafios [Drones as vehicles for humanitarian action: perspectives, opportunities and challenges] in the Brazilian journal Conjuntura Austral.

Published in Portuguese and an output of the research project Brazil’s Rise to the Global Stage (BraGS), the article addresses the deployment of drones for humanitarian action. By analyzing the deployment and functions acquired by these vehicles at the global level, the article critically discusses and scrutinizes the increasingly frequent narratives linking drones as vehicles for humanitarian action and seeks to contribute and offer some inputs to the ongoing emerging drone debate in Brazil.

The article can be read in full here (available only in Portuguese).