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Oct 2023 – Oct 2023
PRIO’s AI Days (25-26 October)
Jun 2023 – Apr 2024
China-US Technological Competition: Consequences of the “Chip War” for Norway
Apr 2023 – Jun 2026
Developmental Peace? Perceptions of China’s Engagement in Pakistan and Afghanistan (AsiaPeace)
Aug 2022 – Apr 2023
The Impact of the China-Russia Partnership on Shifting Security Interactions in East Asia and the Pacific
Apr 2022 – Dec 2022
Rising Powers in Conflict: The Role of Non-Western States in Afghanistan and the Sahel
Dec 2021 – Aug 2025
Shaping the Digital World Order: Norms and Agency along the Digital Silk Road in Southeast Asia (NORM)
Jun 2021 – Jun 2022
China’s Growing Role in the Middle East
Mar 2021 – May 2022
The Role of Dual-Use Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology in the Current International “Arms” Race
Dec 2020 – Apr 2021
Algor-ethics in the Emerging Battlespace
Sep 2020 – Dec 2021
Building peace along the Belt and Road? Chinese security assistance to Myanmar and The Philippines
Feb 2020 – Dec 2022
Security force capacity and professionalism in the Sahel
Feb 2019 – Dec 2019
Lessons Learned from Military Capacity Building by Norway’s Allies in the Sahel Region, and by Norwegian Personnel
Jan 2019 – Dec 2019
Peacebuilding and Security Force Assistance in Syria and Afghanistan
Jan 2018 – Dec 2023
The Impact of Security Force Assistance on State Fragility (SFAssist)
PRIO Fieldwork Network (FIWON)
PRIO Centre on Culture and Violent Conflict

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