Algor-ethics in the Emerging Battlespace

Led by Gregory M. Reichberg

Dec 2020 – Apr 2021

​​Algor-ethics aims to provide a mapping of current AI-based technologies that are designed to enhance the effectiveness of military personnel in combat settings. The project will outline criteria that enable discernment of the ethical challenges posed by these technologies and issue recommendations regarding ethical norms to be followed by military personnel who employ AI-based tools in battlefield settings.  

The project takes a wide scope by examining inter alia Autonomous Weapon Systems (AWS), systems assuring enhanced battlefield awareness, and systems aiding commanders to survey in real time one or more relevant features of the entire battlespace. This project will classify various typologies within current AI-based technology and conduct in-depth ethical assessment of each to provide ethical recommendations for AI use in battlefield settings.  

The project examines AI-based technologies both nationally and internationally, by highlighting regional actors and their influence on the ethical discussion on technology development and use. Among the regional actors taken in consideration are the United States, China, India, Israel and Norway.  

This project is funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Defense; completion is scheduled for April 2021.  

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