Stefan Goetz: Bibliography

11 publications

Stefan Goetz et al. (2021)
Low fundamental and formant frequencies predict fighting ability among male mixed martial arts fighters

Journal article in Scientific Reports

Stefan Goetz et al. (2020)
Salivary osteocalcin: Reactivity to acute social stress and relationships with concomitant stress biomarkers in healthy African Americans

Journal article in Psychoneuroendocrinology

Stefan Goetz (2020)
Testosterone and Interpersonal Attraction: A Placebo-Controlled Design

PhD thesis

Stefan Goetz & Todd Lucas (2020)
C-reactive protein in saliva and dried blood spot as markers of stress reactivity in healthy African–Americans

Journal article in Biomarkers in Medicine

Stefan Goetz, Samuele Zilioli & Glenn E. Weisfeld (2019)
Evolutionary Perspective on Adolescence

Journal article in The Encyclopedia of Child and Adolescent Development

Stefan Goetz, Samuele Zilioli & Glenn E. Weisfeld (2019)
Reproductive behavior in the human male

Book chapter in The Oxford Handbook of Evolutionary Psychology and Behavioral Endocrinology

Stefan Goetz et al. (2017)
Preliminary evidence that testosterone's association with aggression depends on self-construal

Journal article in Hormones and Behaviour

Glenn E. Weisfeld, Carol C. Weisfeld & Stefan Goetz (2017)
Towards a Model of Marriage

Book chapter in The Psychology of Marriage: An Evolutionary and Cross-Cultural View

Stefan Goetz (2015)
Acoustic Cues of Physical Formidability in Cage Fighters

Master thesis

Stefan Goetz et al. (2014)
Testosterone Rapidly Increases Neural Reactivity to Threat in Healthy Men: A Novel Two-Step Pharmacological Challenge Paradigm

Journal article in Biological Psychiatry

Justin M. Carré et al. (2013)
Changes in testosterone mediate the effect of winning on subsequent aggressive behaviour

Journal article in Psychoneuroendocrinology

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