Birthe Einen

Research Assistant

Research Interests

  • Protest movements 
  • Quantitative and qualitative methods  
  • Political violence
  • Gender 
  • Democratization
  • Statistical modelling


As a student of Peace and Conflict Studies at the University in Oslo, I am currently writing my Master Thesis in partnership with PRIO. By employing quantitative methods, my thesis aims to investigate the structural elements that promote protest success. Specifically, I look at whether the level of gender equality affects whether protest movements succeed or not and ask in what way this effect differs between that of violent and nonviolent mass mobilization. I thus aim to examine aspects of the gendered dynamics of political violence and civil resistance.


2016 – 2019   BA in International Studies, University of Oslo 

2019 – 2020   BA in History, University of Oslo 

2020 –            MA in Peace and Conflict Studies, University of Oslo 

Relevant work experience: 

2022 –             Research assistant, PRIO

2021 –             Research assistant, ARENA Centre for European Studies, University of Oslo


Norwegian, English. 

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