Hassan Aden

Hassan Aden

Senior Researcher

Email: hasade@prio.org

Mobile phone: +4796753581

X: Hassanyarre2023

Interests and experience

 Refugee education/Education in emergencies  Humanitarianism-Peace-Development  Global governance issues  Geopolitics  Peacebuilding, stabilization, and reconciliation  Democratization of post-conflict contexts

Hassan Aden holds a PhD in Peace and Development Research from the University of Gothenburg, a master's degree in Global Studies majoring in Political Science from Lund University, and a bachelor's degree in International Relations from Malmö University. His current research explores the intersection between quality of governance and academic achievement through a comparative study of UNHCR-funded and nationally accredited refugee-led schools in Kenya’s Dadaab camps.


English:         Fluent Somali:          Fluent Swedish:        Good Kiswahili:     Basic level

Work positions
Senior ResearcherSocieties, Mobilities, and Change (SMC)Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO)
Doctoral ResearcherSocieties, Mobilities, and ChangePeace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO)
PhD fellowshipUniversity of Gothenburg
Study support and Mother-tongue TeacherDalaskolan Norra. Bromölla Kommun, Sweden,
PhD. Peace and Development Research University of Gothenburg
MSc. Global Studies, Major in Political Science Lund University
BA. International Relations Malmö University
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