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Tuesday, 12 Feb 2019
What Do the Afghan Peace Talks in Moscow Mean?
Monday, 4 Feb 2019
Can President Trump Bring Peace to Afghanistan?
Friday, 23 Nov 2018
What Will China Do About the Middle East?
Tuesday, 25 Sep 2018
The Norwegian Libya Commission: An Important Report, But We’re Still Missing Answers
Thursday, 19 Jul 2018
The Norwegian Defeat in Afghanistan
Monday, 7 May 2018
The Moscow–Washington Hotline Worked – This Time Around
Tuesday, 3 Apr 2018
Popular Anti-Immigration Movements – and the Response of Democracy
Tuesday, 13 Mar 2018
The Taliban’s Choice
Wednesday, 7 Mar 2018
Afghanistan – a new chapter in the Great Game?
Sunday, 9 Oct 2016
A Bold Choice for the Nobel Peace Prize
Tuesday, 19 Jul 2016
France’s Response to Terror
Tuesday, 12 Jul 2016
Blair’s Global Vision – and Lacking Knowledge Base
Monday, 5 Oct 2015
So, Who Will It Be This Year?
Wednesday, 25 Mar 2015
A Muted Voice? Religious Actors and Civil Society in Post-2001 Afghanistan
Tuesday, 18 Nov 2014
Peace Processes Need Women
Tuesday, 7 Oct 2014
What if the Nobel Peace Prize is awarded to Snowden?
Monday, 6 Oct 2014
Why Speculate on the Nobel Peace Prize?
Monday, 29 Sep 2014
A New Afghan Spring?
Sunday, 8 Jun 2014
The Taliban are an Organized Fighting Force
Wednesday, 14 May 2014
Business and Peace
Thursday, 21 Oct 2010
Time for change in the Nobel Peace Prize Committee
Friday, 2 Sep 2022
A Painful Dialogue with the Taliban
Monday, 21 Mar 2022
The Taliban, International Law and the Rest of the World
Saturday, 21 Aug 2021
Is Diplomacy Failing When It Is Needed Most?
Sunday, 15 Aug 2021
What happened to Afghanistan’s Security Forces?
Friday, 6 Aug 2021
The Plight of Syrian Refugees
Friday, 23 Jul 2021
Norway After the Terror
Thursday, 22 Apr 2021
Will the Taliban Gain From Negotiations?
Friday, 19 Feb 2021
NATO’s Exit From Afghanistan: ‘a brutal dilemma’
Thursday, 7 Jan 2021
A Christmas Message from Afghanistan

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