James Pugel was an External Associate at PRIO until 2012.

James Pugel

Research Associate

Email: james@prio.no

Research Interests

United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL), to serve as a principal investigator for the research team lead by Post-conflict Reintegration Initiative for Development and Empowerment (PRIDE) for the nation-wide “Tracer Study and Mapping Project on the Situation Analysis of Ex-combatants in Liberia,” 2006.

United Nations Development Program (UNDP) Liberia, to serve as the principal investigator for the nation-wide "UNDP Liberia Community Reintegration and Reconciliation Study," 2005-2006.


PhD student, Institute for Conflict Analysis & Resolution (ICAR), George Mason University, Arlington, Virginia USA

MS, Strategic Intelligence with African Studies Concentration, 2006.

MSc, Defense Geographic Information: Cranfield University, United Kingdom, 2000.

MS, Administration: Central Michigan University, 1998.

BS, Civil Engineering: Virginia Military Institute, 1991.

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