J. Peter Burgess: Bibliography

164 publications

Mark B. Salter et al. (2019)
Horizon Scan: Critical security studies for the next 50 years

Journal article in Security Dialogue

Rocco Bellanova et al. (2017)
Exercising Access Rights in Norway

Book chapter in The Unaccountable State of Surveillance. Exercising Access Rights in Europe

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Introduction: Surveillance, privacy and security

Book chapter in Surveillance, Privacy and Security. Citizens’ Perspectives

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Surveillance, Privacy and Security. Citizens’ Perspectives

Edited volume

Kristoffer Lidén & Elida K. U. Jacobsen (2016)
The local is everywhere: a postcolonial reassessment of cultural sensitivity in conflict governance

Book chapter in Cultures of Governance and Peace: A Comparison of EU and Indian Theoretical and Policy Approaches

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Unique Biometric IDs: Governmentality and Appropriation in a Digital

PhD thesis

Kristoffer Lidén (2014)
Between Intervention and Sovereignty: Ethics of Liberal Peacebuilding and the Philosophy of Global Governance

PhD thesis

Kenneth Pettersen & J. Peter Burgess (2013)
Angerens politikk er ingen garanti

Popular article in Aftenposten

J. Peter Burgess & Costas M. Constantinou (2013)
New Middle East, new insecurities and the limits of liberation geography

Journal article in Security Dialogue

J. Peter Burgess (2013)
Learning to be Norwegian: Nationbuilding as cultural pedagogy in Aasen, Kristvik, Helenes and Slagstad

Book chapter in 'Der var ruskut å leggja utpå'. Ti år med mastergraden i nynorsk skriftkultur

J. Peter Burgess, Owen Taylor & Uttam Sinha (2013)
Human securitization of water? A case study of the Indus Basin Waters

Journal article in Cambridge Review of International Affairs

J. Peter Burgess (2013)
The Discourse of Justice in Political, Legal and Moral Community

Book chapter in Spheres of Global Justice

Elida K. U. Jacobsen & J. Peter Burgess (2013)
Desirable surveillance? studying norms and values in the Indian national biometric ID scheme

Conference paper

Nina Boy (2013)
The Security of Public Credit

PhD thesis

J. Peter Burgess (2012)
Modernité et obsolescence du concept de sécurité énergétique

Journal article in Cahiers de la sécurité

J. Peter Burgess (2012)
Value, security and temporality in Nietzsche's critique of modernity

Journal article in Sociological Review

J. Peter Burgess (2012)
The Societal Impact of Security Research

PRIO Policy Brief

Nina Boy, J. Peter Burgess & Anna Leander (2011)
The Global Governance of Security and Finance: Introduction to the Special Issue

Journal article in Security Dialogue

J. Peter Burgess (2011)
On Dialectical Constitutionalism

Conference paper

J. Peter Burgess (2011)
The Ethical Subject of Security: Geopolitical Rationality and the Threat against Europe


J. Peter Burgess & Serge Gutwirth, eds, (2011)
Europe under Threat? Security, Immigration, Integration

Edited volume

Jonas Gräns & J. Peter Burgess (2011)
Human Security

Book chapter in Contemporary Security and Strategy

J. Peter Burgess (2011)
Kulturfestung Europa. Über die Notwendigkeit und Unmöglichkeit Europäer, zu sein

Book chapter in Europe: Insights from the In- and Outside

J. Peter Burgess & Serge Gutwirth (2011)
Introduction: Security, Migration and Integration

Book chapter in Europe Under Threat? Security, Immigration, Integration

Jørgen Carling (2011)
The European Paradox of Unwanted Migration

Book chapter in A Threat Against Europe? Security, Migration and Integration

J. Peter Burgess (2010)
Norge ute av takt med NATO

Popular article in Dagbladet

J. Peter Burgess (2010)
L’éthique politique de la sécurité

Journal article in Ethique et économie

J. Peter Burgess & Shahrbanou Tadjbakhsh (2010)
The Human Security Tale of Two Europes

Journal article in Global Society

J. Peter Burgess (2010)
Security, Value and Subjectivity: The Nietzschean Moment

Conference paper

Kristin Bergtora Sandvik (2010)
International Law and Security

Book chapter in The Routledge Handbook of New Security Studies

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