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Jul 2021 – Jun 2024
CO-DUTIES: Democratic Duties, Collective Action, and the Greater Good after COVID-19
Jan 2021 – Dec 2024
RegulAIR: The integration of drones in the Norwegian and European Airspaces
Sep 2020 –
Disparate Responses to the COVID-19 Pandemic in Norway and Sweden: lessons and opportunities for the Nordic region
Sep 2019 – Dec 2019
Yemen in Context: New Insights into the Humanitarian-Security-Development Nexus in the broader Middle East
Jan 2019 –
Do No Harm: Ethical Humanitarian Innovation and Digital Bodies
Jan 2019 – Aug 2019
Global Security Technology Laboratories (GeSTaLT)
Jan 2018 – Dec 2020
Transnational Academic Network for the Study of Drones (TRANSAD)
Aug 2017 – Jul 2022
Humanitarianism, Borders, and the Governance of Mobility: The EU and the 'Refugee Crisis'
Aug 2014 – Jul 2017
Brazil's Rise to the Global Stage (BraGS): Humanitarianism, Peacekeeping and the Quest for Great Powerhood
Jan 2014 – Dec 2016
Positioning Women for Research Professorship (POWER)
May 2013 – Dec 2013
Critical Humanitarian Technology
Aug 2012 – Oct 2016
Protection of Civilians: From Principle to Practice
Feb 2012 – Dec 2016
The Dynamics of State Failure and Violence
Jan 2011 – Dec 2015
Regulating Cyberwar: Understanding Challenges to Norwegian Security and International Law
Jan 2011 – Dec 2011
New Security Agendas and Non-Violent Intervention: Humanitarianism for the 21st Century (HUM21)
Jul 2010 – Mar 2014
The Significance of Political Organization and International Law for Displaced Women in Colombia: A Socio-legal study of Liga De Mujeres
Jan 2010 – Dec 2010
Humanitarian Law, Human Rights and the Quest for Legality: What Choices in the Face of Imminent Danger?
Jul 2009 – Jul 2010
The social determination of terrorist threat (SORISK-UP)

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