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Monday, 10 Oct 2022
Successful PhD Defence by Rojan Tordhol Ezzati

​Rojan Tordhol Ezzati defended her PhD successfully on 10 October 2022 at the University of Oslo.

Wednesday, 21 Jul 2021
The meaning of 'our values' in the aftermath of terrorist attacks

​In a new article published in Migration Studies, Rojan Tordhol Ezzati examines expressions of unity through value-talk after terrorism in Norway (2011) and France (2015).

Tuesday, 17 Jul 2018
Norway After July 22, 2011

Negotiating values, identities and a resilient society

Wednesday, 26 Apr 2017
Newsletter from the project: Negotiating Values after 22/7

The spring edition is out now

Friday, 22 Jul 2016
Reflections on 22 July

​On the five year anniversary of the 22 July terror attacks in Norway, PRIO researchers share their reflections.

Tuesday, 19 Jul 2016
NECORE Newsletter

​​Newsletter from PRIO's NECORE Team, working on identity and resilience after 22/7 - a sad anniversary is approaching.

Tuesday, 9 Feb 2016
PRIO Researchers Dispute Changes in Immigration Law

​​​Proposed changes in Norway's immigration could have adverse effects on integration, discriminate against persons with disabilities, and undermine democratic control.

Tuesday, 22 Dec 2015
PRIO Migration Research Update
Wednesday, 11 Feb 2015
Always an Immgrant - Never Norwegian

Blog post by Marta Erdal and Rojan Ezzati

Wednesday, 30 Oct 2013
Call for Abstracts: "After the Terror: Negotiating Values and Identities"

Abstract submission deadline: 8 December 2013

Monday, 2 Sep 2013
Staging immigration as a problem

As a response to the Norwegian Progress Party's report 'Sustainable Immigration', PRIO researchers Marta Bivand Erdal and Rojan Ezzati have published an op-ed in the Norwegian daily VG.

Wednesday, 5 Dec 2012
More Funding in Place for PRIO

Today it was announced that no less than two research projects at PRIO have been granted funding from the FRISAM call at the Norwegian Research Council.

Tuesday, 27 Nov 2012
Research on the 22 July Attacks

The Research Council of Norway has just announced its funding from the SAMKUL programme.

Wednesday, 14 Nov 2012
Blog post on "Migration and New Norwegian Foreign Policy Realities"

In Norway, questions of immigration have traditionally been a domestic affair.

Tuesday, 23 Aug 2011
PRIO Researchers on the 22/7 Terror

​​On 22 July, Norway was struck by a double terror attack.

Wednesday, 30 Jun 2010
Vacancies: 2 Doctoral Research Fellowships

PRIO invites applications for two doctoral researcher positions to study return migration from Norway and the United Kingdom to Burundi and Iraq, respectively.

Tuesday, 15 Jun 2010
Succeeded in fierce competition

The Research Council of Norway (RCN) has featured PREMIG as a succesful project application.

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