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Friday, 4 Dec 2020
PRIO's Youth & Peacebuilding Research

Next Tuesday December 8th at 14.00 CET (Oslo time) we will have the PRIO Annual Peace Address, this time with young peacebuilders Hajer Sharief and Ilwad Elman.

On this occasion we wanted to highlight projects and research that focus on youth activism. We're sharing our work on young engagement in political change, because social movements that turn into positive societal transformation are not only initiated by people in power, but very often are initiated or inspired by youth trying to improve their communities. Here are some of the projects showing the importance of youth in peacebuilding.

Tuesday, 22 Jan 2019
Jacob Høigilt Releases New Book: 'Comics in Contemporary Arab Culture'

​Former PRIO Research Professor Jacob Høigilt released a new book in January: Comics in Contemporary Arab Culture: Politics, Language and Resistance.

Høigilt writes about how the fascinating world of Arab comics help us gain deeper understanding of how ordinary people relate to some of the themes that regularly catch headlines in Western coverage of the Middle East. Arab comics for grown-ups provide us with sharp and humorous political commentary, while at the same time they express resistance to the authoritarian politics of the elite. Contemporary Arab comics are a counterforce in the Middle East and a valuable window onto popular politics in that region for outside observers.

Friday, 15 Sep 2017
Successful conference on 'Storytelling about Diversity'

​On 13 September, artists, academics, entrepreneurs and individuals working in the public sector and civil society came together to discuss the different stories that are told about diversity in Norway today. 

Thursday, 24 Aug 2017
PRIO Launches the PRIO Centre on Culture and Violent Conflict

PRIO has launched a new Centre on Culture and Violent Conflict. The centre aims to study the relations between culture and violent conflict by initiating joint research projects, hosting seminars and workshops and encouraging cooperation between scholars and practitioners in the cultural field.

Championing interpretive research based on the humanities, the Centre is one of the few international efforts to create an academic environment dedicated to researching the nexus of culture and violent conflict. It comes at a time when such contributions are recognized as being important to understand and prevent violence. The Norwegian government's recent White Paper on the Humanities emphasizes that the contribution from the humanities is essential to research on conflict.

The PRIO Centre on Culture and Violent Conflict is located at the PRIO headquarters in Oslo, and is staffed by PRIO researchers. It actively seeks to collaborate with cultural events and festivals in Norway that treat topics of peace, conflict and violence.

Tuesday, 21 Mar 2017
Katrin Voltmer appointed PRIO Global Fellow

​Katrin Voltmer, Professor of Communication and Democracy at University of Leeds’ School of Media and Communication, has recently been appointed PRIO Global Fellow. Voltmer, a leading scholar of communication in democratic life, works with PRIO researcher Jacob Høigilt on a project about the role of Arab journalism and political polarization, funded by the Norwegian Research Council.

Tuesday, 17 Jun 2014
Two New PRIO Projects on the Effect of Aid

​​​​​The Research Council of Norway (RCN) funds two PRIO projects on the effects of aid: “Conflict of Interest? ‘Business For Peace’ as Development Aid in Volatile Environments” and “Aid in Crisis? Rights-Based Approaches and Humanitarian Outcomes”.​

Monday, 24 Mar 2014
Egypt: Silence Implies Consent

​​Today’s death sentences of 529 supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood must bring an end to the Norwegian Government’s tacit acceptance of the military regime in Egypt.

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