Workshop: Political Institutions, Development And a Domestic Civil Peace

Led by Håvard Hegre

Jan 2006 – Dec 2006

Workshop on Post-Conflict Transitions: Political Institutions, Development, and a Domestic Civil Peace

The present workshop will take place at PRIO in Oslo on 19-20 June 2006. The workshop aims at bringing together researchers, scholars and policymakers with a common interest in post-conflict research. Our most prominent guest this time is Norwegian Minister of International Development Erik Solheim. The present program spans a wide range of subjects, starting with the types and aspects of conflict and continuing with research on institutions and macroeconomics in a post-conflict setting. There will be a total of six sessions with paper presentations on 19-20 June, and a special policy session on 20 June in the afternoon.

The Economics of Conflict

The current post-conflict research project is a continuation of the successful World Bank project on 'The Economics of Civil War, Crime and Violence'. It is a joint effort by researchers at the World Bank Development Economics Research Group, (DEC-RG), the International Peace Research Institute of Oslo (PRIO) and the Centre for the Study of African Economies (CSAE). The project is under the overall direction of Ibrahim Elbadawi, Lead Economist (DEC-RG) and administrated by Gary Milante. Håvard Hegre coordinates the PRIO component, and the CSAE component is coordinated by Paul Collier. An overall description of this research can be viewed here, and more detailed information about the post-conflict transitions project can be viewed here.


The workshop will be conducted in the Henry Dunant hall at the Red Cross, right next to PRIO. For information about how to find PRIO/the Red Cross click here. The workshop venue entrance is located in the backyard behind PRIO.

The workshop hotel is Radisson SAS Plaza Hotel Oslo. When you land at Gardermoen, take the airport train to Oslo Central Station. At the station you do not need a taxi. Walk inside the station, turn right up the escalator, and keep walking in the same direction right through the station – you will see the tall hotel when you exit on the other side. The hotel is located in between the Central Station and PRIO, so if you look at the above map you will see how to get from the hotel to PRIO as well. (Proceed through Vaterlands park, next to Olso Spektrum. Then, take Christian Krohgs gate and continue along it until you reach Hausmanns gate. Turn left into Hausmanns gate and PRIO is in the first building you will see, Hausmanns gate number 7. )

The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is graciously hosting a dinner on Monday 19 June, which will take place on SS Vollan cruising the Oslo fjord. If the weather is nice we will all walk together to Rådhusbrygge 2 from PRIO.

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