Kelly Fisher left PRIO in 2022. The information on this page is kept for historical reasons.

Kelly Fisher

Kelly Fisher

Interests and experience

  • Gender and migration
  • Gender and disarmament
  • Gender and emerging technologies
  • Gender and violent extermism

I received my Master's in Gender Studies from the University of Oslo where my thesis focused on the role that gender played in Polish men's migration processes to Norway. My research has mainly focused on how ideas of masculinity shape men's lives and what this means in relation to peace and conflict, and I have also worked on a number of projects where gender is taken into consideration at multiple levels and across different groups in society.

As a Research Assistant I contribute to a number of projects where often I focus on the gendered dimensions and implications of the project's topic. I have worked with a broad range of topics including emering technologies, migration, and inclusion in the military. I also oversee a Strategic Initative at PRIO to help build out PRIO's research portfolio focusing on masculinities in peace and conflict processes. Additionally I am the coordinator of the PRIO Migration Centre where I help to organize the Centre's activities and contribute to the development of PRIO's migration portfolio.

Working Experience:

2021-2022: Research Assistant, PRIO

2019-2021: Academic Writing Mentor, University of Oslo

2018-2019: Fulbright English Teaching Assistant Fellow, Norwegian University of Life Sciences / Ås Videregående Skole

2016-2018: Social Justice Facilitator, WE Charity


2021: MA (Gender Studies), University of Oslo

2016: BA with honours (History and European Studies), University of Wisconsin-Madison


2021-2022: Women in International Security (WIIS) Women, Peace and Security Next Generation Fellow

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