Oslo Lectures on Peace and Conflict

Oslo Lectures on Peace and Conflict
Led by Henrik Urdal
May 2017 -

​Co-hosted by the University of Oslo and the Peace Research Institute Oslo, the series marks the mutual commitment of the two institutions to collaborate in ensuring Oslo's future as the leading hub for scholarly insight on peace and conflict, manifested in education, research, and interaction with policy-makers and practitioners, as well as engagement in public debate.

Fake News and Fact Resistance

Time: Monday, 23 October 2017 13:00-16:30
Place: Gamle Festsal, University of Oslo

A memorial seminar in honour of Hans Rosling, founder of Gapminder and world renowned scholar and inspiratory. The seminar is organized by UiO Centre for Global Health, Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO), UiO Departement of Economics  and UiO Life Sciences.

Civil Resistance in the Contemporary U.S.: Challenges, Opportunities, and Implications

Time: Wednesday, 24 May 2017 14:00-16:00, followed by a reception
Place: Gamle Festsal, University of Oslo

A seminar with Erica Chenoweth, organized by the Norwegian Centre for Human Rights at UiO and Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO).

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