The Future of Humanitarian Mine Action

Edited volume

Harpviken, Kristian Berg (2004) The Future of Humanitarian Mine Action. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.

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This edited volume includes the same articles as the special issue of Third World Quarterly 24(5), October 2003, on The Future of Humanitarian Mine Action.

This book takes stock of the present state of Humanitarian Mine Action (HMA), looking at lessons that have been learned with the aim of further strengthening policies and practices in the future. It draws on the most recent findings from scholarly research and field programmes. Among the contributors are academics, decision-makers and practitioners. The contributions analyse HMA with a view to its role within the larger context of post-conflict reconstruction and peace-building. Firstly, the book examines the achievements and the shortfalls of the Landmine Convention and its implementation, including the broader political processes related to this, as well as field-based mine-action initiatives and operations. Secondly, the book looks at the challenges of capacity-building in the sector, ranging from the local to the national and international levels. Thirdly, the book takes stock of the current state of impact assessment in mine action, including methodologies, approaches and the challenges related to transforming knowledge into improved practices on the ground. The contributions are relevant to all aspects of HMA, including advocacy, demining, survey, mine-risk education and victim assistance. The ultimate aim is to identify the agenda for the coming years, both for field practice and for research in HMA.

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