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Friday, 05 Feb 2016

Torkel Brekke will be the new Deputy Director at PRIO

​​​PRIO is happy to announce that Torkel Brekke will be the new Deputy Director at PRIO. Brekke will take up the position 1 May 2016.

Torkel Brekke comes from the position as Professor of History of Religion​ at the University of Oslo. He is also engaged with the liberal think-tank Civita, where he is responsible for the “Civita Academy”. Furthermore, Brekke keeps a core role in the new Center for Research on Extremism (C-REX): Right-Wing Extremism, Hate Crime and Political Violence at the University of Oslo. 

Monday, 01 Feb 2016

Snowden Top Contender for Nobel Peace Prize

PRIO Director's Nobel Speculations

​​Today, 1 February is the deadline for nominations to the Nobel Peace Prize. 

PRIO Director Kristian Berg Harpviken thinks that 2016 may finally be Edward Snowden's year. His role in alerting citizens across the globe about the extent – and the dangers – of electronic surveillance is undisputable, Harpviken writes.

Figuring in his speculations also in previous years, Harpviken cites last year's EU parliament vote calling on all member countries to "drop any criminal charges”, to grant Snowden protection and to prevent extradition, as a token of continued focus and increased acceptance. Snowden won't go away, and for every change in legislation and surveillance practices based on the information he leaked it is getting harder for the US government to continue branding him a traitor and a criminal. 


Friday, 29 Jan 2016

Successful Doctoral Defence by María Hernández Carretero ​

​​​​Today, Friday 29 January, Maria Hernandez Carretero has successfully defended her doctoral thesis at the University of Oslo: Leaving to belong: migration, transnational connectedness and social becoming.


Thursday, 28 Jan 2016

Successful Doctoral Defence by Mareile Kaufmann

​​Today, Thursday 28 January, Mareile Kaufmann has successfully defended her doctoral thesis at the University of Hamburg: Resilience - Governance and in/security in interconnected societies.


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