Ole Magnus Theisen

Assistant Professor in Political Science at NTNU

Ole Magnus Theisen
Email: Ole.Magnus.Theisen@svt.ntnu.no
Work phone: (+47)73550697
Mobile phone: (+47)90035558

Research Interests

Resource scarcities and violent conflict, conflict escalation processes; surveys in conflict areas.


​Languages spoken:

Norwegian (bokmål), English


Master in Political Science NTNU 2006

PhD in Political Science NTNU 2012


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All Publications

Peer-reviewed Journal Article

Buhaug, Halvard; Tor Arve Benjaminsen; Espen Sjaastad & Ole Magnus Theisen (2015) Climate variability, food production shocks, and violent conflict in Sub-Saharan Africa, Environmental Research Letters 10(12): 125015–.
Buhaug, Halvard; Jonas Nordkvelle; Thomas Bernauer; Tobias Böhmelt; Michael Brzoska; Joshua W. Busby; Antonio Ciccone; Hanne Fjelde; Erik Gartzke; Nils Petter Gleditsch; Jack A. Goldstone; Håvard Hegre; Helge Holtermann; Vally Koubi; Jasmin S. A. Link; Peter Michael Link; Päivi Lujala; John O'Loughlin; Clionadh Raleigh; Jürgen Scheffran; Janpeter Schilling; Todd G. Smith; Ole Magnus Theisen; Richard S. J. Tol; Henrik Urdal & Nina von Uexkull (2014) One effect to rule them all? A comment on climate and conflict, Climatic Change 127(3): 391–397.
Theisen, Ole Magnus; Nils Petter Gleditsch & Halvard Buhaug (2013) Is climate change a driver of armed conflict?, Climatic Change 117(3): 613–625.
Theisen, Ole Magnus (2012) Climate Clashes? Weather Variability, Land Pressure, and Organized Violence in Kenya, 1989–2004, Journal of Peace Research 49(1): 81–96.
Theisen, Ole Magnus; Helge Holtermann & Halvard Buhaug (2012) Climate Wars? Assessing the Claim that Drought Breeds Conflict, International Security 36(3): 79–106.
Urdal, Henrik; Ole Magnus Theisen; Nils Petter Gleditsch & Halvard Buhaug (2010) Klimakriger? En vurdering av det faglige grunnlaget [Climate Wars? An Assessment of the Scientific Foundation], Norsk Statsvitenskapelig Tidsskrift 26(4): 297–320.
Theisen, Ole Magnus (2008) Blood and Soil? Resource Scarcity and Internal Armed Conflict Revisited, Journal of Peace Research 45(6): 801–818.

Book Chapter

Buhaug, Halvard; & Theisen, Ole Magnus(2012) On Environmental Change and armed Conflict Climate Change, Human Security and Violent Conflict. Challenges For Societal Stability. : J. Scheffran, M. Brozka, H.G. Brauch, P.M Link, and J. Schilling(43–56).
Theisen, Ole Magnus;Gleditsch, Kristian Skrede; & Buhaug, Halvard(2012) Climate Change and Armed Conflict, in Brown, Graham K.; & Langer, Arnim, eds, Elgar Handbook of Civil War and Fragile States. : Edward Elgar Publishing(125–138).
Gleditsch, Nils Petter & Ole Magnus Theisen (2010) Implications of Climate Change for Armed Conflict, in The Social Dimensions of Climate Change: Equity and Vulnerability in a Warming World. Washington: (75–101).
Gleditsch, Nils Petter & Ole Magnus Theisen (2010) Resources, the Environment and Conflict, in The Routledge Handbook of Security Studies. New York, NY: (221–232).

Conference Paper

Rolseth, Amund; Ole Magnus Theisen & Nils Petter Gleditsch (2015) Violence against civilians 1900-87: Regime type, climate change and the severity of democide, presented at 56th Annual Convention of the International Studies Association, New Orleans, 18–21 February 2015.
Theisen, Ole Magnus 2010 Scarcity and Organized Violence in Kenya, 1989-2004. A 'Fitting' or 'Mis-fitting' Case of Environmental Security Theory?, presented at International Studies Association, , 17 February.
Theisen, Ole Magnus;Holtermann, Helge; & Buhaug, Halvard 2010Drought, Political Exclusion, and Civil War, presented at International Studies Association Annual Convention17–20 February.
Gleditsch, Nils Petter & Ole Magnus Theisen (2008) Climate Change, the Environment, and Armed Conflict, presented at American Political Science Association, Boston, MA, 28–31 August.
Gleditsch, Nils Petter; & Theisen, Ole Magnus 2008 Climate Change, the Environment, and Armed Conflict, presented at International Studies Association, , 26–29 March.

Report - Other

Buhaug, Halvard; Nils Petter Gleditsch; & Ole Magnus Theisen (2008) Implications of Climate Change for Armed Conflict, Social Dimensions of Climate Change Workshop. Washington, DC.