Shared River Basin Dataset

A dataset with information on shared rivers and river basins between pairs of states.

The Shared River Basin Dataset records information about all river-sharing pairs of states (dyads) in the world, in all international river basins, from 1816 to 2007.

Version 3.0 extends the dataset to include more recent years, includes some missing basins and dyads from previous versions, and reevaluates the river configuration. The dataset now consists of two versions:

  • Version 3.0a includes all dyads with one row of data for each shared river basin (for the entire period) shared by the two countries.
  • Version 3.0b is in river-sharing dyad-year format. In this version each dyad has one row of data for every year during which the river was shared, and is compatible with standard datasets in a dyad-year format.

Technical Details

Current version: 3.0

Updated: 1 Jan 2012

Range: 1816 - 2007

Units: Country, Dyad, Year

Coverage: Global

Formats: Excel, Stata

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