The AMAC project and the Swiss Campaign to Ban Landmines invite you to a seminar on gender mainstreaming in mine action on the occasion of the anniversary of UN Security Council Resolution 1325 on women and conflict. This seminar is jointly hosted by PRIO in Oslo and the Swiss Campaign to Ban Landmines (SCBL) from Geneva, who both hold expertise on Gender and Mine Action through field research and awareness raising campaigns.

The seminar will offer the participants presentations by PRIO and SCBL of the main findings from their respective research, and provide the opportunity for an interactive discussion for sharing of experiences on how gender could fruitfully be integrated in mine action.

PRIO has conducted field research in Cambodia and Colombia, and is in the process of carrying out fieldwork in Ethiopia. These studies are focused on the way in which mine action organisations implement gendered concerns in their strategies, and on evaluating these strategies. Additionally, these studies are concerned with analysing and discussing which gendered strategies are effective and efficient to respond to the different contexts.

In May 2008, SCBL launched the report, “Gender and Landmines – From Concept to Practice”, which studies the significance of gender in the impact and the effectiveness of mine action. The study is a result of field research in the countries of Colombia, Lebanon, Mozambique, Sri Lanka and Sudan, and the gathering of good practices from the fields where gender mainstreaming has been successful.

Please send an email to if you want to participate in this seminar.