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Al Jazeera / Wikimedia Commons
Al Jazeera / Wikimedia Commons

As the crisis in Yemen grew into a regional conflict involving multiple actors, it became the world's largest humanitarian catastrophe. This situation is caused by a multi-layered war that crosses a civil-war dimension, a counter-terrorism dimension, a regional dimension, and a humanitarian dimension involving major actors. This seminar looks into some of the current dimensions of the conflict, the reasons that brought us to the present situation, and addresses critical issues that will frame the discussions about the future of the country.

This seminar is part of PRIO's "Yemen in Context" initiative, and is co-organized by the PRIO Middle East Centre and the Norwegian Centre for Humanitarian Studies (NCHS).

A light lunch will be served, and the seminar is free and open to all.


11:45 – Light lunch

12:00 – Welcome and introduction

Bruno Oliveira Martins, project leader for the "Yemen in Context" initiative, PRIO

12:10 – 13:35 Panel 1

Current dimensions: counter-terrorism, humanitarianism and judicial litigation for civilian victims

Jennifer Gibson, Reprieve, London

Awssan Kamal, Oxfam

Alex Hopkins, Airwars

Chair: Bruno Oliveira Martins

13:45 – 15:10 Panel 2

A look into the future: critical issues in the Yemen conflict

Åshild Kjøk, Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Júlia Palik, PRIO

Maria-Louise Clausen, Danish Institute of International Studies (DIIS) and Visiting Researcher at the Yemen in Context initiative, PRIO

Chair: Kristian Berg Harpviken, Director of the PRIO Middle East Centre

15:15 – End of the seminar