Photo: Image courtesy of Mook Lion

In this seminar, Jeannine-Madeleine Fischer will explore how aesthetic forms of protest shape, mobilise, and disseminate activism in South Africa.

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​South Africa has a long and intense history of social protests entangled with artistic expressions – music, dances, performances, and paintings were and are crucial forms of making political claims and fostering solidarities. Memories of past struggles, current experiences of grievances, and visions for a better future are aesthetically (re-)processed and, thus, folded into contemporary protest assemblages that come with the potential to transcend spatiotemporal boundaries. Drawing on digital-ethnographic material, Jeannine-Madeleine Fischer will highlight how aesthetic forms of protest shape, mobilise, and disseminate activism in and beyond urban South Africa.

Dr. phil. Jeannine-Madeleine Fischer completed her PhD on urban ethics and environmental protection in Auckland/Aotearoa, New Zealand, at the LMU Munich in 2019. She is currently working as research associate at the University of Konstanz. Being part of the interdisciplinary research group 'Travelling forms', she explores the mobility of aesthetic activism in social and environmental protests in urban South Africa.

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